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Illustration pose creation tool


This tool saves the MMD model motion as an image in order to collect pose data when drawing a character illustration.

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  1. Select the model (* .pmx) and motion (* .vmd) you want to display(*1).When using data other than presets, select from the file selection button Many MMD model data and motions are distributed in "ニコニ立体".
  2. Press the "Load" button to verify that the model and motion work properly.
  3. You can operate the camera by dragging on the screen.
    • Rotation: Drag (or drag with a single touch)
    • Translation: Ctrl + drag (or drag with multi-touch)
    • Enlarge/Reduce: Middle button scroll (or pinch out / pinch in)
  4. To take a screenshot of the current screen, press the "Screenshot" button.
  5. To acquire continuous images, specify the "FPS" and "TIME" and press the "Capture" button.
  6. The image download will start. (*2)

* 1: Select the model file (PMX) and the zip file containing the texture. In 3D model data, the relative path between the model file and the texture must not be changed, so please zip the folder structure of the distributed 3D data as it is.
┣ Texture
┃┗ texture1.tga
┣ texture2.png
┗ model.pmx
* 2: Due to the whims of the physics engine, "storms" may occasionally blow. The results may change if you autoplay for a while or reload the page, so give it a try.

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